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  •  We can't afford long war: Contact Congress (2+ / 0-)
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    RustyCannon, enhydra lutris

    Jeff Huber is spot on. Without a long war, what justification do the generals have for promotions and medals?

    Lobby Congress to defund the Iraq and Afghanistan fiascos. We can't afford universal health care, improvements to infrastructure and the economy for so long as DoD sucks up 50%, or more, of federal expenditures.

    Besides, the long war is a loser.

    "Can anybody possibly believe that the United States of America, ... facing a federal budget deficit of $1.8 trillion, ... has the resources necessary to conduct a global counterinsurgency campaign? Over what? The next 20, 50, 80 years? I think [there] is something so preposterous about such proposals. I just find it baffling that they are treated with seriousness by supposedly serious people."
    Col. (Ret) Andrew Bacevich

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