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  •  I disagree about the bit about resignations (1+ / 0-)
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    It's easy to demonize everyone from the Bush era.  Not everyone is evil.
    Some are just career people who work thru all kinds of admins.
    But, I suppose the prez was not busy mopping up all the other huge messes left for him by Bush that he has the time to deal with personel issues.
    With two wars, why not just replace the whole crew.

    That is simply reactionary and overblown.  And simplistic.
    All because of the few bad apples.
    Deal with players who are causing trouble and riling others up and that should take care of things.

    •  career people no but appointed officials in (1+ / 0-)
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      all of the offices  Secretaries of the branches, all the Under Secretary's that Rumsfeld put in  they all need to go  even if Sec Gates stays  they had a network that was too powerful and still connected to the past   sometimes fresh minds are needed

    •  what about all the lawyers that dingbat hired (1+ / 0-)
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      when she was using Google to screen them  the lady who admitted crossing the line  in hiring practices from Liberty Law school  and they hired mostly Liberty Law school graduates  what is the Justice Department going to look like about 20 years from now?   a whole department of Gonzo's?

    •  Let McChrystal call for volunteers (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not thrilled with McChrystal turning to the court of opinion, but I'm also not thrilled with the idea of us abandoning women in Afghanistan who, say, opened schools for girls because they thought we Americans would protect them.

      Should the Bush administration have committed us to protecting those women? No.

      Are we really morally -- and strategically -- free to give up on that commitment? I don't know.

      But possible alternatives:

      First, one option might be just to try a charm offensive. Simply suspend all military activity in Afghanistan, and buy opium from Afghanistan farmers at a good price. Flood their country with Disney Princess toys, Gameboys and IPhones and lottery tickets for a contest that will award 1,000 family trips to Euro Disney. Maybe if people in Afghanistan see the United States as a source of video games instead of bombs, attitudes will changes.

      Another compromise: Let McChrystal see if he can get the extra forces he wants by asking reservists and active duty personnel who are now outside the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones to volunteer to come to Afghanistan.

      Because, of course, the real problem with what McChrystal wants is that doing what he wants means tearing a bunch of war-weary troops away from their families.

      If, from a military point of view, McChrystal's views on Afghanistan are actually reasonable, and a lot of military people desperately want to protect the people of Afghanistan because they think it's the morally and strategically right thing to do, maybe 50,000 military people who are now stateside would cheerfully volunteer to head to Afghanistan.

      I don't know anything at all about the military, and I'm sure military people will say that, for reasons of discipline, you can't put decisions about where to put troops up to a popular vote by the troops. But maybe a subtler way to do this would be to have Obama et al. eat breakfast with a lot of troops, reservists, etc. and see what they think about the McChrystal strategy.

      If the troops themselves are really excited about the idea of serving under McChrystal, then they might make his strategy work, even if he's actually intellectually completely wrong.

      But, if the troops who go to Afghanistan are depressed and resentful, then they might lose even if what McChrystal wants to do is completely reasonable.

      Possible compromise solution: the real problem with the United States

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