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View Diary: 'Nay' on Proposed Stalking Rule (312 comments)

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  •  i'm leaning NAy as well for that same reason (2+ / 0-)
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    caul, AndyS In Colorado

    defining it seem, to me, to raise even more questions.

    I recently posted a diary and one commenter took it upon herself to literally post the same opinion of my intent several times throughout the diary almost in the exact same words.

    ultimately the commenter was just expressing a difference of opinion but it contained language that was personally disparaging to me.  It was repeated often.  

    So would that be stalking according to these rules?

    IMO, as annoying as it was, i wouldn't say so although i'm sure i'd have the same interaction with that same member in a similar diary again and again.  As it stands I was forceful and insisted that the commenter stop (and threw in a threat of similar type reciprocity). It stopped but to me, the rule seems like it might raise more questions than it answers.

    I'm seriously leaning NAY although I do like the idea of members who feel they are being stalked to post links and allow the community to decide.

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