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  •  NM recount info: (4.00)
    I got this from the people coordinating the recount observer volunteers.

    Dear xxxxx

    We still anticipate that the recount will take place, but it probably will not occur until the end of this week at the earliest.  Here is the situation as we understand it.

    1.  The groups requesting the recount applied for a Writ of Mandamus, requiring the State Canvassing Board to start the recount.  Judge Carol Vigil today refused the request, presumably because the Board is due to meet tomorrow at 5 pm.  She said that if the Canvassing Board did not start the recount, that the appellants should come back to her court on Wednesday at 8:30 am.  She said she would keep jurisdiction of the case.  Those who are able are asked to go to the Roundhouse at 5 pm tomorrow (Tuesday) with signs, to emphasize support for the recount.  The Board is composed of the Secretary of State, the Governor, and a justice of the Supreme Court.


    (The writ of mandamus was filed by Lowell Finley, a lawyer from Berkeley, who was also part of the volunteer training staff. Help America Recount organization.  Lowell stated he was fully committed to forcing the recount to happen, which is what he is having to do. Richardson is not very on board with this, and there are going to be demonstrators out there. tommorrow. This has been dragging out for days.

    New Mexico was selected as a place to make a stand in part because it has a large activist base already in place. There were almost 100 people at the Santa Fe training on Saturday, on one day's notice.  They did another group in Albuquerque. If it goes ahead, I've been asked to go out to Union County, in far northeastern New Mexico, whose 1800 or so voters went for Bush by an alleged 77%.)


    1.  The state recount organization assumes that the recount will not start before Friday.  We have contacted the offices of the County Clerk for the counties for which we are responsible (San Miguel, Guadalupe, Mora, Colfax, Union, Harding) to alert them that we intend to have observers present for the recount.  None, (with the possible exception of San Miguel) had any information from the Secretary of State's office, so had no plans for the recount, nor any idea how long it might take.  The San Miguel County Clerk thinks that his recount can be done in two days.  Since San Miguel has more than twice the number of ballots of any of the other counties, we suspect that those with the smallest numbers will be able to finish within one day, or at most two.  Colfax, with the second largest number, may take two days.

    2.  Several of us were able to go to a training session in Santa Fe on Saturday.  We were given a booklet of instructions, but there wasn't time for an adequate discussion.  Those instructions will be made available to us by electronic means, and we will pass them along to those who are likely to act as observers as soon as we can.  We should also be able to provide a log form, to record information from the recount.

    3.  We will have a coordinator at a central location, to whom questions arising during the recount can be referred.  If the coordinator doesn't know the answer, she will contact one of the main coordinators and get back to the original questioner.  We will let you know closer to the time who that coordinator will be and how to get in touch with her.  Communication from each site will be facilitated if at least one person has access to a cell phone, especially for those working outside Las Vegas.

    4.  Thanks to the enthusiastic responses of many volunteers, we anticipate being able to provide good coverage for all of the six counties, although problems may arise if the recount starts later than Friday, or goes past that day.

    5.  We'll inform you immediately when we know when the recount will start.


    So I'm waiting for the call...

    don't always believe what you think

    by claude on Mon Dec 13, 2004 at 09:56:03 PM PST

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    •  <FrameCop> Let's All say Audit (4.00)
      not recount.  Recount is more about changing results. Audit is about proving results, (or finding cheaters). The only people against an audit are those with something to hide.
      •  accounting for the vote (4.00)
        I want an accounting more than a recounting anyway. I want an accounting for:

      • the Warren county lockdown- including the FBI fiction
      • the distribution of voting machines
      • the  Greene County pre-recount lockdown
      • the  Greene County un-lockdown
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