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View Diary: Beyond Views of Barack Obama: "We're All In It Together." (274 comments)

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    to rec a diary I agree with so wholeheartedly.  

    The election of Barack Obama is something that we should all be proud to have had a hand in.  I think Obama thinks one voice can change the world, but not by itself and not in one fell swoop.  He will always disappoint the purists of whatever stripe, but he is able to do something that some of us when we are at our purist, can't do.  He sees the other side's right to a different point of view, and can concede the possibility that it holds some merit.  And he will work from a common ground, not the highest ground.

    In the end, I think he will accomplish more than we would have believed possible.

    After all, three years back, I wouldn't have believed that today, a black man with a muslim sounding name would be president of the United States.  But I'm damn glad he is.

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