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View Diary: Beyond Views of Barack Obama: "We're All In It Together." (274 comments)

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  •  And if you look at the data... (0+ / 0-)

      (If you look at states and cities that elected African American Mayors and Senators, there are a lot of one-termers followed by years and years of no minority Mayor or Senator).

    You see the opposite happening as well.  I went to school in Central PA.  The ONLY place I have been called "Nigger" and spit at, and I lived in the South for years.  However, you still don't address the issue really in your response, IMO.  So I will be blunt.  Why can white guys fuck up and black guys can't?

    I didn't take from Tom's diary that he was saying that Barack needed to be successful because no other black person would be elected.  I understood his diary to be saying that if Barack was not successful, then progressivism would not have a chance in turning the country around.  

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