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  •  Not speechless (2.50)
    Kos -

    However you have been stricken by all this (and how could any sane and good man not be stricken?) certainly you have not been rendered speechless.

    I move that people issuing criticisms from either side of the aisle be forbidden by mutual agreement to claim to have been in any way rendered "speechless" as part of a raging and indignant complaint.

    Same for "breathtaking". Noone's breath is being taken.

    •  Re: Not speechless (3.00)
      Along these lines, I think Dean said it a lot better in his latest press release on the same topic:

      Yesterday, the President claimed that the wave of attacks that left dozens dead and scores injured proved that the US was winning the peace in Iraq. At this point, nothing he says really surprises me anymore.

      Today, we heard him try to walk away from the USS Abraham 'End of Major Combat Operations' announcement, absurdly claiming that the White House was not responsible for the 'Mission Accomplished' banner that decorated the flight deck. He tried to argue that our actions are supported by the Iraqi people, when poll after poll suggests that more and more Iraqis are becoming fed up with the American occupation. And he was adamant that the US will remain in Iraq, but failed to offer any insight as to what he would do to address the increasingly dire situation.

      •  Could'nt agree more. (none)
        It's past time for the language of indignant shock (struck speechless, breathless) to be replaced with the more accurate expression inability to be surprised any further or apalled to any greater depth.

        This sad wreck we are all witnessing has long since ceased being a surprise; in fact, it is as if we are witnessing the chaos taking on an independent life of its own and following a very sad, unneeded, and predictable track. I have maintained for sometime that, because of the right wing, the GOP, and the loonie presidential administration, things are going to get worse before they get better, and I feel that way right now.

        But it does'nt surprise me anymore.

      •  Re: Not speechless (none)
        Will the American people put-up with a president that is willing to blame men and women in uniform for his spinning.  To borrow a famous phrase... "at long last sir have you no decency".  The spectacle of this spoiled, frat-boy dodging responsibility for this dog-and-pony show and offering up in its place men and women who have actually served in a combat situation is sickening.

        George W. Bush: 0 for 2 in 04

        by VA6thDem on Tue Oct 28, 2003 at 11:53:48 AM PST

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