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  •  Re: Another Bush lie: blame the USS Lincoln (none)
    When it comes to lying -- just plain lying, straight-faced lying, intentional mistatements, revising his first lies with new lies that he hopes sound better, mistatements, fuzzy math, standing in front of lying pictures and slogans, standing by his lying staff, hiring felonious liars, and making fact checking on government websites harder... well - NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE - can lay anything but laurels at the feet of Georgie W. Bush, the head, the chief, the grand clan leader of liars!  

    You just have to hand it to Georgie -- Bush gives Satan himself lessons on creative lying and attempting coverups of bald-faced lies as a new low of 'art'.

    Georgie Bush - The front-running candidate for worst president in US history! He's got the tools and MONEY really win! Vote Georgie!

    by RedMeatDem on Tue Oct 28, 2003 at 10:50:50 AM PST

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