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  •  Re: Another Bush lie: blame the USS Lincoln (none)
    sorry to jump into this little squabble, but something you wrote begs commentary:
    ...little sparks like this instantly whoosh into conflagrations of name-calling, invective, and a general mayhem of Democrats vs. Democrats.

    okay, the hissy-fits people have on here get very tiresome very fast, but i actually view this stuff as healthy. we're all agreed on bush and when the time comes (once the nomination is decided), we'll all fight the good fight. but i don't see arguements about the respective strengths/weaknesses of our candidates as a "circular firing squad". nor do i see boosting a candidate as somehow unfairly/unwisely slamming another. it's a primary race. a perfectly normal primary race to become the most powerful leader in the world.

    let's have at it...we have candidates talking about real or percieved differences on policy or philosophy. we can argue about the merits of any evidence all day, but all in all, this has been a fairly respectful campaign

    i'm definitiely not going to stop a vigorous and healthy debate for the sake of "unity"...that sound s little too much like everything the current administration has tried to do for the last 3 years.

    that being said, bush=bad

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