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  •  Riverbend hoax?? (none)
    Sorry that this is off topic, but I saw this mentioned by Bill a couple of posts back and was unable to locate anything further on it.

    Is this a joke? Is Riverbend really in Texas? PLEASE post more details.  Thanks.

    •  Re: Riverbend hoax?? (none)
      No idea, but the Riverbend blog, Baghdad Burning, has a post as recently as yesterday on it.  I don't see anything else questioning its authenticity, however.
    •  Re: Riverbend hoax?? (none)
      No, the spoofer Riversbend is in Texas.
    •  Re: Riverbend hoax?? (none)
      Geez... thanks folks.  

      As dumfounding as it is to imagine a RNÇ operative attributing word like "I am a simple woman. I am just a worker." on Riverbend's fingers, this needs to be checked out to be fully believed.

      Links on Atrios lead to the suzeranity blog, which started most of the investigating.

      It's hard to determine the real meaning of this without more context.  Is this really a disgusting attempt at identity theft, or just a lame, deeply plagerized rotten onion of a satire?

      Still, something seems beyond sinister here.  A lot of things could happen if this snowballs, some of them not good for the real Riverbend.

      I look forward to seeing thoughts on this from folks here.  

    •  Clueless here (none)
      Not to sound like I am too stupid or too late to the party, but what the hell is riverbend or riversbend ...?


      Mitch Gore

      "Liberal" and "Progressive" are NOT pejoratives.

      by Lestatdelc on Tue Oct 28, 2003 at 02:46:09 PM PST

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      •  Re: Clueless here (none)
        Riverbend an Iraqi woman who runs one of the best-written blogs on the web. By that I mean, she is a real writer, the kind who can make you feel, smell, and taste the scene she is describing. She writes about her daily life in occupied Iraq, and about politics from one educated Iraqi woman's point of view. When she is being sarcastic, she can cut to the bone.

        It's all good. But if you want a highlight or two...

        Evening Tea and Turkish Troops...

        Palms and Punishment...

        First Day of School...

        Read every word, you'll be glad you did.

        RiverSbend ...on the other hand, is a weird and pathetic attempt to co-opt the admiration Riverbend has earned from everyone who reads her blog, in the service of, well, basically, nothing but Coalition press releases. It's a curiosity, I suppose, but it wouldn't fool anyone who had read the real thing for more than a minute or two.

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