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    According to Matthews on Hardball, The White House later conceded that they were responsible for the sign, which of course is what folks have been saying all day -- haven't seen that exct updated news story yet, haven't looked.

    So what's the new line gonna be? I bet:

    Well, they HELPED us hang the sign, and as it said, and as the Prez said, THEIR "mission was accomplished.

    We are now facing the worst of all "imminent" threats: discussing what the definition of the word "is" is, only now it's "you" as in "America sent YOU on a Mission, and that Mission is Accomplished." Depends on what the definitions of "imminent" and "you" and "accomplished" and "sought" are, I suppose. And these are the same folks that kvetched about Clinton and Gore were liars and hair-splitters?

    Gosh darn golly gee shucks! Maybe they just talk too plain for me in this White House!

    Kos: by "sensitivity" the author meant that the question made him bristle -- it got under his skin. In this case, sensitive means defensive.

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