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View Diary: Another Bush lie: blame the USS Lincoln (161 comments)

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  •  parse my lips: same old bushlit (none)
    exactly bagelche.  i posted this point on the "questions" thread, but you beat me to it here.

    of course the sailors were the ones who put the friggin' sign up.  what you thought sforza's guys were gonna climb all over a carrier superstructure out at sea? it might be interesting to find out where the banner was printed and whether it was brought out to the lincoln or not, but it's not the point.  neither is whether the skipper or karl rove get credit for the idea.

    bottom line is they were trying to claim a glorious victory - just like CNN said it would be - short, clean, no more saddam, flowers and songs from grateful iraqis.  they were misleading the people then, and now they're doing it again by trying to distance themselves from a backfired PR stunt.

    what's amazing is how bush is consistently able to parse out his words so they never actually say what everyone hears.  do you think he gets coached in this? is rove actually smart enough to predict where they're gonna need a trapdoor in the syntax?  or is it that duhbya is really pretty crafty at avoiding any kind of accountability?  "gee ma - that cookie was eaten.  and i don't think i saw jeb anywhere near the cookie jar."

    although - he pretty obviously contradicts himself on this one: it wasn't my advance guys - it was the sailors.  and my advance guys are gonna catch it for not seeing that their plan would backfire like this.
    sforza, eh?  gotta remember that name.  weren't they one of those families that were in bed (often literally) with the borgias and medicis?

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