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View Diary: Subvert Your Blue Cross NC Anti-HC Reform Postcard To Sen. Hagan - I Crossed Out... (151 comments)

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  •  Just sent this to Hagan (9+ / 0-)

    Dear Senator Hagan,

    I saw over the weekend that BCBS of NC is using our hard earned money to lobby against us the consumers.

    The insurance premiums for our family's HSA with BCBS went up 27% this year! Again! I will assume for the time being that BCBS has found this practice necessary to raise all that extra money they need to lobby hard against us, their customers.

    You are well aware that BCBS is a near monopoly in North Carolina and that they are a "non-profit". The question is, why are they so adamantly opposed to a Public Option? The answer to me is simple: they do not have good intentions. BCBS management already tried once to change their status form a non-profit to a for-profit and publicly traded company and I am sure they will try again.

    It is clearly evident that the management running BCBS do not have the best interests of the people of North Carolina at heart but a few in their management are trying to strike richness through financial alchemy. We should also remind the management of BCBS that in North Carolina BCBS was founded and funded with State money to better serve the people of North Carolina not to create a gold mine for a few corrupt managers and executives in the future.

    The behavior of BCBS in North Carolina is yet one of the strongest arguments for why we need a very robust Public Option.

    Sincerely yours,

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