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View Diary: Jon Stewart Explains FOX "News" (324 comments)

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  •  I agree... (4+ / 0-)
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    I think CNN became right leaning during Bush's 8 years and has stay to the right since Obama took office.  Since media as an institution has been highly criticized for not doing it's job during the Bush years, CNN is trying to appear to be neutral in it's reporting of the Obama administration.  The problem is, the way they phrase some of their headlines and the slant that become obvious when you read their stories, and the people they have on, and the amount of coverage that some stories DON'T get, they are failing in their attempts to appear neutral.  And say "appear" because I don't believe they really ARE neutral.

    •  When Ted Turner started CNN, he was doing (2+ / 0-)

      something that the other networks were not doing and was in many ways subversive in the way it covered international news.  When TT was pushed aside, CNN went to hell and has continued its slide into meaningless fluff and endless loops of background noise.

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