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View Diary: Jon Stewart Explains FOX "News" (324 comments)

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  •  I love Jon Stewart (2+ / 0-)
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    ORDem, conlakappa

    Otherwise I wouldn't have watched-- I actually bookmarked it as soon as I saw the video and couldn't wait to watch it.

    Unfortunately, Stewart has a bad habit of not choosing his satirical targets all that well from time to time.  I think he gets into wind-up funny-man mode.  It's tough to be funny about everything week after week.  But the ACORN piece was crap.  And about 2 to 3 nights every week, having waited impatiently for his show to start I end up being disappointed.

    Look how he starts freaking out-- or fake-freaking out-- at about 10:28 to 1O:50.  After watching how mind-blowing-ly disgusting Fox is for the first ten minutes, this doesn't seem freakout-worthy.  You could take just about any Democrat giving a ho-hum interview and have the same level of mockery as Jarrett deserves.

    Fox said Obama is indoctrinating little children and not fighting terrorism.  Not quite the same level!  

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