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    Now, see? That's exactly the kind of community vibe I'm talking about. Thank you, sir, for representing all the good things about this place. And I do indeed have a memory of feeling very alienated from dKos and I think you're not wrong in feeling like it was the words and presence of folks like yrself that kept me here.

    I can't remember the exact exchange, but I think the specific occasion might have been the Gore endorsement of Dean (could it really be only a year ago? it feels like ancient history), when it seemed to me that this place slipped into a Lord of the Flies dementia of triumphalism that really turned me off. That was an interesting moment, actually, since there hasn't really been another instance when a single (and very vocal) faction of the dKosphere could thump its chest and claim victory and demand everybody else shut and/or suck it up and fall in line. Since then (and even before then, if you include the 2002 midterms), it's been one long string of bitter disappointments and defeats for pretty much everybody, without much occasion for factional gloating. Since there was never much of a Kerry constituency at dKos during the primaries, there weren't more than a handful of smug Kerry folks rubbing it in after Iowa/NH. The vibe after the primaries was kind of shell-shocked and the evolution of dKos into a pro-Kerry blog was actually fairly slow and unenthusiastic, and more a case of facing realities than one of a single faction claiming the mantle of victory. And even the infamous SYFP diaries seemed to me more an expression of a desire for pragmatic media solidarity than the Kerryites laying down the ideological law, since for all my time here I still couldn't name a prominent dKos poster who I can identify as a specifically "Kerry Kossack" (except for those folks who actually have "kerry" in their handles) in the same way I can easily name lots of folks who are/were clearly Deaniacs, Clarkies, and Edwardians (and I can even list two Gephardtians--Trapper John and Kid Oakland--as well as GoVote the famous Liebermanite). There are many pro-Kerry people now (and I would include myself among them, though I loathed him with the fury of a rabid weasel last winter), but most of them seemed to either develop organically into Kerryites over the course of the campaign, or showed up after all the factional fighting was long past.

    So that Gore endorsement moment--when it looked like the primaries were effectively over--was really the high-water mark of factional triumphalism on dKos (it was all downhill--for everybody--after that). And, as someone whose position had evolved from a Deaniac to a Clarkie who still liked Dean, and who came to dKos for community and connection, that moment really bugged me, especially when our usually gracious host accused those who thought the Gore endorsement to be troubling of nursing "sour grapes." And the endless ugly and freeperish diaries about Dean's mighty and unquestionable righteousness. It got really unpleasant (to me) and felt like it had become a place I didn't want to hang out at anymore. And I think my frustration boiled over after the umpteenth diary extolling Dean's manly virtues and childishly bashing all the other candidates, and I think I mentioned in a post that I didn't feel all that welcome around here anymore (to my credit, though, at least I didn't post a diary grandiloquently announcing my momentous departure). And it genuinely was the reasonable, friendly presence of yourself (and the examples of MB, kid o, and AGG, and others like awol, abw, and al fubar to name just a few from the top of the alphabet) that kept me coming back, once my anger faded. So, while my personal and professional life might not agree, since I've basically blown almost 2 years of my life sitting in front of this damned computer arguing over electability, media strategy, and blog-etiquette, my community-spirited heart does thank you for allowing me to feel like that time wasn't entirely wasted.

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