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View Diary: The origin of the anti-troll recipes: a dKos mystery solved (52 comments)

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  •  i'm pretty damn sure that (none)
    turducken was a response to

    PBJDiddy and Maryscott

    Fatkins, BLT / BS  and Ore Ida Hash Browns...definitely led to Turducken.  

    I remember laughing at those....and wanting to join in....

    Basically, it had gotten overserious...and there was just this creepy moment when Matthew Dowd revealed he was, like, seven different identities....

    and that spinach thing just seemed like a good way to get away from the over-seriousness of it.  So, PBJ and Maryscott had the right spirit.... and maybe I played with it and made a suggestion that many, many others improved upon and made work...

    but, yes, food was definitely already out there and in the air...

    I used to live like Robinson Crusoe--shipwrecked among eight million people. Then one day I saw a footprint in the sand, and there you were. -B. Wilder

    by kid oakland on Wed Dec 15, 2004 at 12:51:39 AM PST

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