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    Yes sir folks, this is what's in store for the republican party for the next 50 years when hannratty and fake dem. morris get together to swill some mud up..These two could truly be a circus funny-man act but nobody would come because it's just too lame.

    I wonder if these two have any friends..Do they have families?? Can you imagine having Hannratty around all the time as the dweebs son/daughter/wife/slave?? Home schooling I'm sure since the kids would get run off from school...just by the sheer laughter!!

    And then there is MoMo Morris...This guy is a piece of work...This guy can find more places to pull unrelated, irrelevant things out of no where than anyone alive, with maybe the exception of beck or limberer...If you get him started on a rant he could probably go 10-15 minutes without taking a breath...ALL of it complete swill. The gooey kind that runs down the wall slowly...
    If you know the character Tweek in South Park that's gotta be what his family is like...strange...

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