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View Diary: Republicans Threaten Violence in Washington State! (263 comments)

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  •  yes we are at war with them (none)
    But that doesn't mean we have to resort to the same tactics they use. We do need to understand the nature of the "enemy". I don't have a problem with that word, but we also need to be clever enough to outwit them. If we just use their tactics, we are predictable and it becomes a very dirty street fight. That's why I believe we can't let go of our core principles and we need to be more creative in how we express them. It can't just be politics as usual. That doesn't work with this gang.
    •  Understood (none)
      And I agree, for example I'm not willing to consider staging a protest of paid DC staffers. Luckily, we don't have to resort to that kind of thing, as we actually have a grassroots willing to go out and stand up to them.

      I'm not suggesting we mirror them in everything we do, please don't misunderstand. As far as "call to violence" goes... okay perhaps a bit alarmist, but as it's been pointed out (Orcinus has made a career out of it) when they start using these sorts of terms and tone, they may very well be inciting violence among their "grassroots". I don't think it's beyond the pale to suggest that Vance is in fact exhorting the mouth-breathers among his followers to engage in intimidation and perhaps even violence. I don't know.

      What I do know is that, at least for now, I won't be putting any weight to the consideration, "would I appreciate it if they did this to me?" That implies that they consider whether or not they play by the rules, or whether or not what they're doing is fair. And I know for a fact that it doesn't ever enter into their considerations.

      In fact, I'd argue that trying to consider whether or not our response is fair to Republicans is politics as usual for us. Again, not saying that I'm willing to hire "plumbers" to break into their party headquarters or anything like that. But as far as spending a lot of time wondering whether or not a headline, a story, or an article may not be fair to them? Nah, not going to waste a lot of time on it.

      Your mileage, of course, may vary. Respect to your point. bow

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