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View Diary: Republicans Threaten Violence in Washington State! (263 comments)

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  •  You're giving mojo to wingnut (none)
    Doverspa, who started this line of argument is an ardent supporter of Senator-elect Coburn from Oklahoma.  Check out his website....

    He starts these intra-democratic spats and then exists. I didn't troll rate him but I don't think giving him mojo is such a good idea.

    •  typo (none)
      Doverspa starts a fight and then "exits", not exists.
      •  doverspa (none)
        He didn't start a fight. He expressed an opinion which we are discussing.
        •  think this is accurate (none)
          there were at least a few people who saw no connection between the quote & encitement to violence before doverspa posted.

          I was giving the best rates to people who seemed to be rejecting the hysteria....and I gave low rates to some I normally agree with.

          mea culpa. just don't like frenzy.

          •  Let doverspa speak (none)
            But I feel that Democrats are too nice--we invite in and talk to everyone with the hope or expectation that we can reason together.

            We need to be much tougher than that.  We need to frame the debate in Ann Coulter like clarity.  Let others (like Obama) be the statesmen.  We need some real traction.  

    •  whatever (none)
      Whatever you may call him, his opinions in that post are not "wingnut", unless you consider me a wingnut as well for agreeing with him. I judge posts on the merit of the argument and how it's presented - not on the person who posts them.
      •  I agree his post is not wingnut (none)
        But don't you suppose caution should be the key here?  I did not troll-rate, or super troll rate his post.

        Democrats have been givng away the store for too long by being ultra-nice.  

      •  This is voter suppression (none)
        For example, don't you think telling certain voters that they should make sure they are current on their child support payments before they vote is a form of voter intimidation?  One could say that only the guily need worry.  But it is the IMPLIED threat of investigation etc.

        You assume that Republicans have the same mindset about protests that Democrats do, i.e., they are there just there to make a point, not stop the vote count from going forward.  In light of the Brooks Brothers riot in Florida in 2000, just what is one to assume when Republicans threaten to "take to the streets" WHILE the votes are being counted?

        The entire point, given the context of the comment, is to STOP the vote counting.  And just how are they going to do that by "peacefully" protesting?

        Don't be naive.

    •  I don't exit (none)
      I always mark the diaries and read responses.  Just in case you cared.

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