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    Talk to some Russian-American immigrants for their cool, cynical analysis of the situation here, they often have political insights, finely honed from years of living under Communism, that turn out to be remarkably psychic.

    They have a real gift for picking out the reality when its covered under layer after layer of scam.

    In the ex-USSR, even now in China, etc, nothing is as it sems, the real power is always hidden. There are two separate governments, the one you see, which is not empowered to actually do anything, and the real one, which has its own rules and structure, runs everything, and whose membership is secret. These secret party leaders, who were inserted into every enterprise of importance, actually ran/run everything. There is a parallel system, the one you see, but as I said, its powerless - Hannah Arendt explained this method, common to all authoritarian states, in her excellent book "The Origins of Totalitarianism".

    This is a huge waste of energy, money, time, etc. but it also ensures that nothing ever happens without the party's approval.

    Look at "health reform". Need I say more?

    For example, to illustrate how it works at the lowest level, in a factory, the accountant or some other drab functionary would be the secret, actual boss, or "kommissar", and all decisions had to go through them. Everybody knew this and everybody knew who they were. Its easier that way to manage the masses, because whenever the clueless ones complain about anything, they are talking to the wrong people. Not the decision makers. In some countries, this pathological secrecy has been taken to a high art. Typically, demotion from the real ruling party is signified by appointment to some visible, seemingly important post. Like Secretary of whatever, or President of bla bla organization. That's not a signal of elevation, its a symbol of demotion. Its like, "now you are one of THEM".

    Ive had this explained in depth to me several times by different people. Its a common knowledge around the world, just not here.

    Think: would the rulers of one of the most powerful nations on Earth really allow the country to be run by voting?


    1 trillion dollars/10 yrs/320million people=$312.50/year-per-American! compare that to $4500 per capita for wars

    by Andiamo on Wed Oct 28, 2009 at 05:48:46 AM PDT

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