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  •  asdf (4.00)
    Instead of demonizing, I think it's easier to comprehend as two competing ideas of social justice.  

    One views the distribution of social goods (wealth, opportunity) as most just which produces the greatest good for the most people.  The other views the distribution of goods as most just which derives from the independent economic activities of free people.  In the United States, most people maintain a hybrid ideology where both coexist, and despite the contradictions, this seems to work pretty well for a pluralistic modern society, although the modern GOP has become master at using both ideas of justice propagandistically, which has the effect of socializing the costs and privatizing the benefits.

    •  whoops, hit post too soon (none)
      So what I mean to say is that these people don't want to destroy America.  They are extremists in the service of a narrow conception of justice.
      •  Sorry, disagree (none)
        They want to destroy america. And they're doing it right now. They have no interest in social justice, whatsoever.

        I wonder how much it will take before people understand there is a predatory element to the human species, and how free we are as societies is dependent on how effectively we keep these predators out of power.

        •  They Do Understand the Species (none)
          and they fear, and try to contain, all those species threats coming from our side.

          But from the military, the flag, the church, their side--by definition, it's utterly inconceivable.

          Given the ownership of our information infrastructure, it's not likely that masses will come to see what's going on in time to rally.

          We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy....--ML King, "Beyond Vietnam"

          by Gooserock on Tue Dec 14, 2004 at 03:45:18 PM PST

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    •  Say it with me!! (4.00)
      "socializing the costs and privatizing the benefits"

      "socializing the costs and privatizing the benefits"

      Aha! MEME-'o-the-DAY!

      •  Exactly! (none)
        They want to externalize their costs but keep any monies they derive from such false "economies" all to themselves.
        •  As long as we talk like that, no wonder we lose. (none)

          Try this:

          "They get the gold mine, and y'all get the shaft"

          Don't attack the bourgoisie like some lunatic Che worshipper.  They share similar problems with working majority.   It's a turn back to 19th century  robber baron exploitation, with cheap playstations to anesthenitize the masses.

    •  The Free Rider Economy (none)
      This little discussion y'all have going has great potential.

      If we were to calculate the gross amount of subsidy received by America's major commercial concerns from socialized inputs, people might finally see that the entire "multiplier effect" of American capital is wholly dependent upon the public sector.

      For instance, FedEx generates an insane amount of economic activity.  None of which would be possible without socialized funding of interstates, airports and local roads.  But in conservative economics, FedEx gets the credit for every last nickel.

      Taken back far enough, we owe it all to King James, right?

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