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  •  Its a marathon, not a sprint. . . (none)
    One election won't win or lose this thing for us.

    Besides, if you are right, don't ya think Rove has an Ohio back-up plan?

    If Kerry won, they would tar him with "failure in Iraq" and try again in 2008. Like I said, this will be a generation-long political fight.

    •  yes but? (none)
      Whoever won should be the president, whether or not this person will be "fucked over" by the GOP.

      If you don't agree with me then please explain why you should still be called a "democrat" (without a capital d)?

      (I'm cutting and pasting here, from my earlier post, since the question stays relevant) - US Income Distribution Visualized

      by Joe B on Wed Dec 15, 2004 at 04:25:34 AM PST

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      •  Not all eggs in one basket. . . (none)
        Fight for Ohio? Sure, absolutely.

        We win the Ohio recount battle, great, but the war has just begun. We lose Ohio recount, F*ck, but the war has just begun.

        The GOP-ers have been laying plans for decades.

        One election won't be enough to declare victory and live happily ever after. Their goal is to dismantle the New Deal. Wining this fight (for good) will take perhaps decades.

        President Kerry will still have a GOP Congress.

        •  I see your point (none)
          but what I suggest is the value of democracy. Whoever is elected President should be President whether or not his own party benefits from it.

 - US Income Distribution Visualized

          by Joe B on Wed Dec 15, 2004 at 11:54:16 AM PST

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          •  True, but what if no one will listen? (none)
            Being angry is understandable. Being smart is better. The Alamo (or Masada) are bad historical examples to emulate and the MSM is already gunning for the Ohio paranoid-iacs.

            Fight on turf of your own choosing. IF we have proof in Ohio, nail them to the effing wall and destroy the machinery that allowed the theivery to operate.

            IF we do not have the proof (and remember that the MSM is the "real" jury and is stacked against us) keep our powder dry and remember that we believe what we believe because what they believe will lead to bad consequences.

            It will, and has already.

            = = =

            My own trollish plan for Ohio? (If adequate proof cannot be found now. . .)

            Tell every GOP primary candidate in 2006 that we have heard that Blackwell & company favors their opponent in that primary (or we hear their opponent has been shoveling money to Blackwell). Cause stolen vote fear before the 2006 primary.

            No one uses cocaine only once. If Blackwell has done this, he will do it again and destroying the machinery that allows thievery is bigger and more important than November 2004.

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