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  •  How we got here... (none)
    Left out of this long discussion is the whole fact that medical marijuana users have been forced to take the commerce clause to the Supreme Court in order to get their medicine and not be harrassed by the Federal Government.

    You want to convince me that giving Congress and the Feds power is important to the rights and welfare of the little people, then explain the war on drugs, OK?

    Right now, the only place where any kind of sanity exists in this area is in some of the states, and BOTH PARTIES HAVE BEEN AT FAULT.  The war on medical marijuana patients in California began under Clinton and was escalated under Bush.

    The DEA and FDA and NIDA have actively blocked research (for as long as 30 years), and then the feds claim there isn't research to support medical marijuana.  California said "The hell with that -- this is keeping people alive" and let them use marijuana.  So the feds came in with armed agents and ripped up their plants.

    That's the wonderful centralized federal government working on behalf of the people.

    The federal government has practically admitted that they don't want to cut into pharmaceutical profits (which fund both parties, although especially the Republicans).

    Where have the Democrats been?  Hiding under a rug because they're afraid that they'll be lumped with pot-smoking hippies.  In the meantime, patients are dying, and the racist drug war has put a huge percentage of our young black men in prison (so we now have 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prison population).

    I used to believe in the federal government and Congress.  But I've got to be convinced again.  Convince me.

    •  Hey pete (none)
      Come around more often. I'll hold 'em while you work 'em over.
    •  Guither (none)
      IF the judiciary actually enforced the constitution we wouldnt have "drug law". The very same interpretation that recognises the right to abortion should clearly and logically strike down drug laws. Which at no point in the constitution is the congress given the power to regulate in the first place. Just as they ignored the constitution to allow the patriot act to crush individual liberty, as they ignored it to give corporations personhood, as they ignored it to allow taking of property without due process of law under CAF, they ignored it to create racially motivated drug laws.

      The Democratic party needs to adopt its own moral and values principles (clawed) My other Drunken ravings

      by cdreid on Tue Dec 14, 2004 at 09:44:48 PM PST

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