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  •  Remember, Roe == Griswold.... (none)
    In fact, Roe is heavily based on the Griswold v. Conneticut.  For those not familiar with Griswold, it held that married couples could have access to birth control w/o interference by the state and set up the "zone of privacy" which was exploited by Blackmun in his decision in Roe.

    Personally I think that at this point the right to abortion has been pretty fairly adjuticated.  To roll back Roe would bring Griswold into question since many birth control methods available today prevent the implantation of a fertilized embryo (a human life in wingnut terms) in the uterus.  IUD's, the pill, Norplant and many others would be at risk of being declared illegal should Roe be overturned.  If Griswold is overturned (and it would almost have to be if Roe is overturned) things get a whole lot worse for everybody, both gays and straights.


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