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  •  No (none)
    You're accusing me of "muddled thinking"? Oy vey. Thanks - that's very generous of you. I could accuse you of muddled reading, but I won't.

    I've spent a great deal of time studying and thinking about this topic. Your accusation is baseless and unfriendly. Rather than ask me for a further clarification, you attack me and assume the worst of me. That's hardly in the spirit of a site such as this, and certainly not the kind of thing I come here to experience.

    I'm through discussing this with you.

    •  You're claiming (none)
      people you neither know nor understand believe something they dont. I happen to know quite a few of them and understand their philosophy well. And what you very clearly said was wholely untrue.

      You said
      Except that libertarians don't believe in my personal liberty when I choose to exercise that liberty and vote for politicians who implement programs which libertarians say infringe on personal liberty!
      If you stop me from voting, or stop the politicians from enacting what I voted them in office to do, well, you've infringed my liberty.

      Twice claiming libertarians somehow would refuse your right to vote. Clearly. Your words not mine.
      You are free to get in a huff and storm off as you will. Enjoy yourself. But those are your words.

      The Democratic party needs to adopt its own moral and values principles (clawed) My other Drunken ravings

      by cdreid on Fri Dec 17, 2004 at 03:07:11 AM PST

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