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  •  This is really so disappointing (5+ / 0-)

    On the one hand you have the No on 1 folks. This is typical of their media campaign, they employ real Mainers to tell their story, appeal to people's better nature, with heartwarming stories and imagery:

    They're a real grassroots operation with the largest donor being Human Right Campaign Fund that gave them 6% of their budget. They've had lots of GOTV operation and reach outs to communiites. And the Governor, the Attorney General, a popular House rep and 3 major papers are on that side.

    On the other hand you have a terrible trio, mostly carpetbaggers saying yes, and no major endorsements from people or media. Their ads are creepy, scary starring only paid actors and feature all lies, all hysteria, that have been debunked as thoroughly as the Kenyan birth certificate.

    The attorney general called them out publicly for lies, and even director Marc Mutty admitted in a newspaper interview that there ads "may have been misleading." They have little visible GOTV operation. Further, they're under investigation by the Maine Board of Elections for failure to comply with state campaign finance laws. They lost a motion in US District court just yesterday. They're trying to hide that the Roman Catholic Church, the Mormon Church and the Family Research Council are almost entirely funding their operation.

    And yet, people can't seem to see who are the guys wearing the white hats in this scenario.

    280 kossack have raised $13,723 through ActBlue to support marriage equality in Maine as of 10/28.

    by Scott Wooledge on Thu Oct 29, 2009 at 12:09:12 PM PDT

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