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View Diary: National Novel Writing Month: Write a Book in 30 Days! (117 comments)

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    a good book in a single draft anyway. I'm tempted to do nanowrimo because I once wrote a sci-fi, erotic piece of about 75 pages in one month and it was the most fun I've ever had writing. Strictly seat-of-the-pants stuff. No advance plotting, etc.

    I do have a novel in mind, aready loosely plotted with some character work done and some beginning research.

    Even when I write based on an already constructed plot, the story changes, characters I never knew emerge and I really enjoy this part of the creative process as opposed to the nuts and bolts of plotting.

    Plus there is the advantage of working through writer's block, which for me is the fear of my work on the page not being perfect. Which I know in my head it won't be, but who says writer's block is logical?

    If you do nanowrimo and all you get for your effort is insight into characters, some interesting plot ideas, even some worthwhile descriptions, dialogue, etc, it would be a month well spent, IMO.

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