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  •  actually I want to add soemthing really serious (1+ / 0-)
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    here for would be writers. What the world really needs in this ever shrinking universe of attention span is more and better complex writers and thinkers. The last thing the world needs in this ever expanding universe of instant access to cyberspace is more bad writers and uncritical thinkers.

    After serving as edito in my mexcio City College student newspaperr in the late 50's, I went to New York, and the  first piece i ever submitted to be read by anyone other than myself, although I wrote incessantly, was an advocacy piece called HELP on the Kitty Genovese affair in Queens , N.Y. I submitted it to a magazine for publication and won a  competition. I was ecstatic but before the alternative magazine could publish it it went out of business.  Even I am not that paranoid that they did it so they wouldn't have to publish me!!!!

    But from that moment on i never ever stopped, writing for television, for film, for radio, to newspapers, for magazines, poetry, essays, research eports, crticism reviews, advocacy op eds etc. etc.

    The book about to be published is my first non fiction full length serious academic and passionate non fiction epic. The novel I am starting to think about will be my first novel.

    I am 76, I hope to write and publish at least three or four more before i pop my clogs.

    So, just write, but try to take it seriously and don't demean the craft by writing quantity instead of quality.

    A poignant haiku is worth infintely more than 50,000   words sometimes.

    That's my say on this matter. I no more expect everyone to agree with me than they have or will agree with everything i write or say in my work.

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