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  •  That cab ride can be SO meaningful (10+ / 0-)

    My mother-in-law just finished another round of radiation this week.  She first got breast cancer over a decade ago and it metastasized, so the whole thing is not unexpected, but this latest round has really been bad.  My wife and I try to remind ourselves that she's had a dozen pretty good years - borrowed time if you will - during which she's gotten to see her granddaughter grow from an infant to her sixth birthday today.  And my daughter has had a loving grandmother that she could have easily never known.

    Anyway, back to my point - the hardest part about this treatment has been the rides to and from the hospital.  She hasn't been without pain for several months, but moving around makes it a lot worse.  They even admitted her to the hospital for a few days, not because they could give her any additional treatment, but so she wouldn't have to travel for the radiation.

    I agree with you that the House bill is a good start.  It is - to use a term I've used throughout the debate - a net positive.  I hope that many of the key provisions make it into the final bill.

    and good luck with moving on :)

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