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  •  Because I was working in a town (8+ / 0-)

    in Central PA in the weeks running up to the election. The organizer got pneumonia or something. She couldn't work, and I was stuck with all her paper work. While doing that, I discovered a massive, but understandable, error in the data entry system. So I fixed that, and it was 2:30 and the only thing open was a Sheetz. And a tradition my doctors got mad at me for began...

    •  Then you were in my hometown area if... (1+ / 0-)

      you were eating hotdogs at Sheetz.  :)  I shopped at the first Sheetz stores as this chain grew.  I visited Central Pa also in the weeks before the election to help, and visit family (got them involved too!).  Now they and I volunteer with OFA for phone calls and sundry items.  

      Good luck with your new position! Thanks for all the diaries and comments during this HCR effort.  I appreciated your facts, sources, analysis, and calm tone.  

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