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  •  I have a little expertise on the matter :) (2+ / 0-)
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    teacherken, JanetT in MD

    I work in the field and can tell you straight about policies and what works and what doesn't but there is one simple fact that so many people forgot.  You cannot be tough on crime without be SMART on crime.  People can say they are tough on crime all day long until they are blue in the fact but if they are not doing things that are smart on crime then they are simply blowing smoke.  

    Being smart includes policies that go after the true criminals who put our law abiding citizens in danger.  Smart is ensuring the we have stiff laws against drunk drivers, those who break the public trust, those who traffic drugs and engage in gang activity.  Also, most importantly it is ensuring that our first responders have the resources (Training and equipment) they need to do their jobs in the manner that we expect.  

    Steve's experience as a prosecutor gives him a very powerful insight into understanding what our men and women in uniform go through in the course of their duties.  This is where a key distinction is made because Ken Cuccinelli does not have it.  He can say he does but I'm sorry, until you've been in the courtroom with us fighting our cases on our behalf you just don't know what it's like

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