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  •  They think a majority of Americans agree w/them (1+ / 0-)
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    or that they at least can be convinced with a reasonable amount of ease.  So do we of course.

    The difference is that polling generally shows that most liberal positions have broad support.  The death penalty and gay marriage are notable exceptions.  but on a wide range of other issues, something close to the progressive position has majority support.

    On their side, the only claim that currently resonates big with a majority is getting rid of big government.  That's not to say none of their positions can be spun to appeal to a majority, but their current quest for ideological purity precludes such an approach.  When you add the fact that their rhetoric disturbs many moderates, they've got a lot harder slog than the Democrats with their current approach.

    To this point, the one thing keeping them from slipping far out of power is corporate America, including of course much of the media.  Republicans are more corporate-friendly them Dems in general.  The problem for them may be that corporations really don't want smaller government even though they pay lip service to it.  Smaller government means less opportunities to play the inside game.  The last thing they want is all that public sector money to dry up and all those tax breaks and subsidies to go away.  If the teabaggers succeed in gaining some separation from the real corporate Republicans, then the one major force in their favor when it comes to elections goes away.

    Now, as so often happens, there is one scenario where the teabaggers can win with this strategy.  and that's if the corporate dems continue to hamstring pushing a non-corporate agenda.  Obama's financial team is full of guys who fit that definition (and forgetting Geithner who's not even a dem), as are the House and Senate.  If we blow it badly enough with things like half-assed stimulus and health insurance bills, the teabaggers will find more and more fertile ground.  and please - I'm not saying the stimulus and the health care bill are not net positives for real people.  But they will fail to accomplish sweeping change and things are so bad that sweeping change is the only thing that can keep people from figuring all government is bad.

    Anyway, the only way the teabagger strategy can even have a chance of working is if Dems don't seize this opportunity.  To date, they haven't.  Whether they will or not is an open question.

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    by eparrot on Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 02:43:42 PM PST

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