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  •  The progressives I know just want good government (4+ / 0-)

    The progressive group I joined in 2004 just wanted better government. If it's our tax dollars, we want it well-spent. Obviously, the Rs were more interested in fear-mongering than governing. So we rallied around the Ds.

    I grew up around Chicago. I know Ds can be terribly corrupt too.  If the Rs start coming up with solutions while the Ds flounder, the Rs will become popular again.

    While things are sucking a little less with the Ds in charge, I still want to see more regulation of the financial markets to avoid future bubbles, cheaper health care to make us more competitive in global markets, more focus on infrastructure rebuilding than guns in Iraq and Afghanistan because it'll be cheaper in the long run, and a return of our Constitutional rights.

    This is why I voted for Ds in the last two elections.  If the Rs start coming up with solutions for these problems instead (not that I'm holding my breath, but theoretically) I'll be happy to take my "progressive" label and start voting for the other side.

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