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  •  Tea Baggers in DC - meeting with my congressman (2+ / 0-)
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    This is off topic, I admit, but I wanted to emphasize the green ad logo around DailyKos with my story.

    I was actually sitting in the waiting area of my Republican congressman Tim Murphy's office in DC waiting to meet with him on HC reform after the teabagging rally was over. (He was there for part of it, but did not speak.) I thought, "Holy crap! He's gonna be fired up and come back here and pick a fight with me."

    I was so pleasantly surprised. He didn't even mention it. We had a very good discussion on HC reform and he was very knowledgable and in sync with my goals as a progressive physician to improve health care and expand coverage. He had ideological antipathy to the public option, I surmised, and so said he couldn't vote for the house bill.

    BUT, I think there is really room for persuasion for moderates like him and the Blue Dogs. I think the most important thing to do is emphasize the moral case: If we don't do something, another 45K will die next year and the year after that. This is bigger than an ideologic distaste for part of a bill that the large majority of Americans want.

    While I was in the office, calls were coming in on HC reform. If you have given up on your Republican or Blue Dog Congress person, DON"T.

    Make the call!

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