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  •  Is this a serious question? n/t (0+ / 0-)
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      Let's here it.

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        They are the public health infrastructure who have been given billions of dollars to prepare for this and to plan for distribution.

        As if you didn't know already.  But then again, maybe you don't live in an urban or surburban area and have three kids in a place where H1N1 is widespread, has been widespread for a couple of weeks, and all the flu shot clinics in your county have been cancelled, and your pediatrician has to put an automated message on their system saying that they still don't have the vaccine.

        For example, this was three weeks ago:
        Camden and Burlington Counties postpone flu clinics

        And the clinics are still cancelled (as of my last check yesterday).  Burlington county may have a few clinics now since a healthy 17-year old dropped dead.

        Oct. 15th:
        H1N1 flu vaccine: Who is getting what when?

        CDC To States, Cities: Make Sure Swine Flu Vaccine Goes To Neediest

        Demand for vaccine overwhelms flu clinics

        Congress to Investigate Alleged Impropriety in H1N1 Vaccine Distribution

        And now officials in Massachusetts are saying the same thing that pediatricians in New Jersey have been saying for weeks.  Hint:  It's not a local issue.

        Flu Hits High School Hard
        Another mystery is where the vaccines are.

        Ron MacLaren, the spokesman for the Martha’s Vineyard Public Health Coalition, a group comprising the various town health agents and representatives of the hospital, Vineyard Nursing Association, emergency management and the Wampanoag tribe, said there should be more available by now.

        "The CDC [Centers for Disease Control, which coordinates the manufacture of the H1N1 vaccine] is reporting over 12 million doses have been produced, and orders for only 10 million. So if they have it, then how come we can’t get it?" he asked.

        "The state Department of Public Health keeps sending us updates and saying there’s more vaccine on the way, but they haven’t got all they were supposed to get.

        "It seems mostly to be a distribution problem now, not one of supply."

        And just the icing on the cake:
        H1N1 has been widespread in CT and NJ for weeks now.  Then we hear stories about how Wall St. firms in NYC got thousands of doses, and some of the most expensive private schools in Pennsylavania got the vaccines early.  Meanwhile, pregnant women and kids in NJ wait.

        •  So, is the answer to my question in there (0+ / 0-)


          One person's unsubstantiated opinion about a distribution problem in one locality is scarcely persuasive.

          So, again, who is "they", and what are "they" doing that is wrong?

          And, how, exactly, would your distribution plan differ from what has been put in place by the countless state and local governments who are in charge of the distribution?

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