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View Diary: Food Stamp Usage Hits New Record (311 comments)

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  •  I have resisted but an signing up on Monday. (7+ / 0-)

    Borrowed $1,000 on a credit card on Friday so I can keep utilities on another month.

    •  Are you applying for Food Stamps or Unemployment? (2+ / 0-)
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      SarahLee, worldlotus

      If Food Stamps, I suggest you document every word anyone tells you and keep extremely detailed records of all actions. I posted a comment nearby about my experiences. Since June, I have spent 2-3 days a week dealing with the FS office.  I have had to sit by the phone the entire day waiting for interviews and calls, and then when I finally connect with the right person, they usually cannot help me and say someone else will call me back - which has never happened.

      It has been a nightmare. I just did a FOIA request in regards to financial documents they claimed they never received. I also had to get phone records with itemized calls to prove I faxed documents that they claimed I did not. And to top it all off, once I got my case record, some of the disputed documents were in the file.

      My experience is that not all FS employees are truthful or diligent.

      I could go on forever. I wish you much better luck.

      Summary: Based on my experience,  I wonder if they try to beat people down and make them so defeated they just give up. It can be a full-time job applying for food stamps and then unraveling all the errors. Even if one is a very resolute person, it can prevent you from being able to engage in other life activities, such as earning a living.

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