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    That office needs a good cleanng from top to bottom, sounds like.

    As for your Congressman, I'd go for it.  We have 2 Republican Senators, but their office staff are top notch in helping constituents.  I'm not so naive to think that they don't pay attention to party affiliation when you call, but honestly I believe that their stellar constituent services play a big role in them getting re-elected with lots of Democratic votes.  And I think the Repubs secretly enjoying ferreting out examples of "big government" not working well for us Merikans.

    That said, the quality of the response really depends on the staff in each office and how big their district is.  But part of the staff's jobs is to make those phone calls and do the follow-up that takes up so much of your time.

    Only you can figure out which way would be most effective.  Good luck and I hope things improve for you.

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