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  •  Re ballots stuffed in shirts (4.00)
    ... I did observe one GOP counter with his hand in his pants, but it had nothing to do with ballots.

    Most other good stories will remain confidential until game over ... but in the "fun ballot" category:

    • At least one voter went to the trouble of inventing his own referendum, neatly inscribing said referendum in available white space on the ballot, and filling in his own oval for a "yes" vote.

    • Disney and Warner Bros. characters remain popular write-in's. From the limited sample observed, I'm not sure which camp is ahead. Perhaps some "moral values" conclusions could be drawn if we had comprehensive statistics for the pantsless Daffy vs the buttoned-down Mickey.

    Aches have kept me out of the counting room of late. No need to share 'em with the general population.

    Hey, is Kilt Man still on the GOP counting team? Inoticed he came in for one of the weekend half-shifts even though not scheduled.

    •  Kilt Guy lives! (none)
      He and his scrunchy dutifully march in and count each day.  He's definitely one of the good ones - he pays attention to what he's doing, so while his kilt-wearing ways are worthy of raised eyebrow, he's the type of guy we like having in the room.  The Repubs tell me he's a really dependable volunteer - they ALL know him.  Little weird, but good guy.  I think all of us who worked on campaigns have a kilt guy in our life now.

      I put things where they don't belong at Switzerblog.

      by switzerblog on Thu Dec 16, 2004 at 10:44:31 PM PST

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