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View Diary: Boxer: Senate Has the Votes to Kill Stupak (128 comments)

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  •  Here's a great way to lose (0+ / 0-)

    Reasonably and soberly take the "middle ground" or stare decisis status quo position. Look statesemanlike. Then have the Repugs keep pushing and pushing that "bipartisan" compromise Overton window to the right, and to the right, and to the right again.

    I hate these fuckers. I will say hate. It is HATE. I hate them.

    Here is why. Here is how they negotiate. Let's say Democrats own a business, and Repugs are a customer walking in to the store:

    D: "That item is $100, please."

    R: "Outrageous! That's not worth $100!"

    D: "Well, let's say we split the difference, then, that
    sounds reasonable and bipartisan, I'll let it go for $50."

    R: "What's with you damn liberals? $50 is un-American!"

    D: "No need to shout. Let's say we be bipartisan and find a statesmanlike compromise. I'll give it to you for $25, halfway, fair is fair."

    R: "That's an outrage! $25 is too much."

    D: "Well you need to make a reasonable offer then"

    R: "Let's say I offer you $13. We split the difference, how about that? I'm such a good bipartisan, I'll even throw in the 50 cents!"

    D: "OK, you are a really bipartisan negotiator, let me tell you! $13 it is."

    R: "NO way. How could you want $13 for this item! I'm insulted. I'm going to stamp my feet!"

    D: "You can do that, but I'm drawing a line in the sand! I'm making a pledge! I will not sell this item for less than $13!"

    R: "Well, I won't buy it for that. But, looks like we are at an impasse. If you care to make a bipartisan compromise, I might. Say, how about $7?"

    D: "Uh... crying, whimpering well, sure, $7 then."

    R: "What kind of price is that! I demand a bipartisan compromise!!!!"

    D: "What would that be? We already have done compromise after compromise!"

    R: "Yes, but I represent the CENTER, you need to be a CENTRIST! Or are you some kind of liberal islamocommiefascistathest?"

    D: "Well, $6 then?"

    R: "Insulting! You asked for $7 and you're lowering it only to $6!??! If you were bipartisan you'd agree that $3 is a fair price, right down the middle, a centrist approach!"

    D: "I am going home now. Here, have it, free. Thank you very much. Maybe at least you'll be nice to me now."

    R: "Liberal commie fascist islamoathiests! Totally ineffective, remove them from office!"

    Republicant's: the new Xeno's paradox. An asymptote. You keep getting halfway there, and halfway again, and halfway again, you will never actually get there.

    Democrats, the new Chamberlain, proclaiming again and again the dawn of a new "peace in our time" with Republicant's.

    You cannot "split the difference" with militant revolutionaries. It is not possible.

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