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  •  Keith Hammered This Today, With Vet Paul Rieckoff (4+ / 0-)
    And it's another plank in Obama's platform which should be realized.
    The old skid row in Phila included lots of WWII vets whose post service lives never sustained them as well as when they served.
    It happened to Korean veterans too. And even much more crazily sad worse for the Viet Nam war exGIs. Now we already know that Iraq-Afghan vets (if they survive all the repeated deployments) are enduring the Hell of Hells.
    The President was unequivocal in support of our soldiers. The promise should be kept, and the heat on those who deny care and comfort should sear, scorch, sizzle and flame until the cause is won.
    I don't believe the old kneejerks can control this issue or win this fight, including the for em agin em trapdoor scumbag charlatan, John Fuckin Sydney Goddamn McCain.
    (Was that offensive to anyone but him? I mean, anyone real.)

    Enact good solutions, you get contributions. Big Business dotes can't deliver votes.

    by renzo capetti on Wed Nov 11, 2009 at 06:06:16 PM PST

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