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  •  Rules are for other people (4.00)

    Can you imagine if Keith Olbermann had been accused of sexual harassment, that there were very likely tapes of such harassment, and that he settled the matter for millions to get rid of the embarrassment (as well as his inability to deny)?

    Keith would be SO out of MSNBC's line-up.

    Susan in Port Angeles (my cat)

    by SusanHu on Thu Dec 16, 2004 at 02:32:35 PM PST

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    •  Yea because FOX would hire him (none)
      "how much is MSNBC paying ya? We'll double it!"

      I voted for John Kerry and all I got was this lousy sticker...

      by diplomatic on Thu Dec 16, 2004 at 02:37:17 PM PST

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      •  Been there, done that (none)
        As Keith's mentioned on the show a few times, he was under contract with Faux at one time, and left under distinctly unpleasant circumstances.

        Consider that bridge burned to a crisp ...

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