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View Diary: Senate Pitfalls on HCR: Do all Roads Lead to Reconciliation? (132 comments)

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    Here's a really good comment from a HCAN email:

    "So is the House bill better than nothing?

    "'I don't think so,' writes Marcia Angell, M.D., former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. 'It simply throws more money into a dysfunctional and unsustainable system, with only a few improvements at the edges, and it augments the central role of the investor-owned insurance industry. The danger is that as costs continue to rise and coverage becomes less comprehensive, people will conclude that we've tried health reform and it didn't work. But the real problem will be that we didn't really try it. I would rather see us do nothing now, and have a better chance of trying again later and then doing it right.'"

    Time to kill this stinking thing.  The corporatists have won again--and we'd better get this thing killed before they freeze into law a corporate subsidy so massive it will truly bankrupt the government--and kill true HCR for another generation.  

    Kill it--and start over again next year.

    "Listen, son, said the man with the gun/There's room for you inside."

    by alamacTHC on Thu Nov 12, 2009 at 10:28:17 AM PST

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