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View Diary: The Corporate Empire Strikes Back: Corporate Dems Seek "Alternative" To Public Option. Again. (252 comments)

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  •  Dems and Republicans (0+ / 0-)

    deserve their own cartoon.  Something along the lines of Cat-Dog.

    I'm thinking Obama-Palin.  In a recurring theme, Obama-Palin struggle comically over who gets to wear the Big-Boy Pants(tm). . .

    . . .on their head!!

    Laughs abound as Obama-Palin both struggle to itch the "center" at the same time!  Bringing us "centrist" finance sector bailouts, "centrist" perpetual "war" on "terror", and "centrist" HC"R".  

    Mirth flows, because the audience knows, It's All Fascism. . er, Good!

    Each gag ends with the perennial Big-Boy Pants(tm) Partisan tag line:

    That's Politics!  

    <wah wah wah>

    What a hoot!!

    Please don't feed the Security State.

    •  Obama's the "nice" one. (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Eric Blair

      He calls Palin "righty" and has alot of hope.

      Palin is the "edgy" one.  She calls Obama "lefty".  Or "Hitler".  She's a fascist.

      Can you see the comedical possibilities?


      "Cm'on Sarah.  Meet me in the happy middle (butterflies/flowers) where we can all serve corporate military/industrial/politicking hegemony with smiley faces and brotherhood for all.   'Cept, of course the ebil terrists who are sitting on our resources."


      "Shut up, you values-less, freak Dennis Rodman Nazi."


      "OK Sarah (smiles).  You Win.  I'll still see ya in the "center" though."

      All turn to camera and repeat tagline:

      "That's Politics!"

      Don't forget to vote, keep those donations coming, and, most of all, just believe:

      "That's Politics!"

      Brought to you by:


      The financial bubble:  Re-inflating quick!


      Please don't feed the Security State.

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