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View Diary: INSANE:  Americablog says WH Censors Gay Rights story (120 comments)

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    But Aravois and the Obama admin are guilty of making a molehill story into a mountain.

    The facts, as I understand them are:

    1. Barnes clearly stated the Obama adminstration's policy was non-support of marriage equality.
    1. She clearly stated she is obliged to respect and implement that policy.
    1. She clearly stated she personally, disagreed.

    The adminstration reacted by:

    1. Going on record with a denial that she said any such thing.
    1. Sat on the tape that could contradict their denials for several days.
    1. Ended up having to release the tape that confirmed their denials were made in error (to be generous).

    Now, the smart way for the admin to have to have let this breeze by would have been when questioned about Barnes' statement have just said,

    "Ms. Barnes, affirmed this adminstration's policy and her committment to it. She also expressed her personal disagreement with it. We encourage this and appreciate hearing a variety of views on all policies."

    Headline: Obama adviser most Americans have never heard of expresses personal disagreement. Story on page 55.

    The run-around with the false denial and the tape delay, no better serves forwarding GLBT reconciliation than does Aravois' overblown rhetoric about censorship.

    I think the admin is suffering from Rham Emmanuel's PTSD over his time in the Clinton White House and their handling of the gays in the military.

    "He's not your boyfriend." -- Bill Maher

    by Scott Wooledge on Fri Nov 13, 2009 at 11:40:48 AM PST

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