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View Diary: AMA to FEDS: stop calling marijuana 'dangerous'. (328 comments)

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    I'll probably do a diary at some point, but I was arrested by 6 DEA goons at my house three weeks ago, if anyone was wondering where i've been, it was in a hellhole of a County stalag.  I was charged with conspiricy and trafficking however.. providing marijuana is apparently much more criminal than lying our nation into an unnecessary war of aggression or crashing the economy..

    I'm currently under house arrest, the worst charge, conspiricy was dismissed at the cost of my pleading guilty to a trafficking charge.. No one was hurt, no guns were involved, no one was intimidated..

    I don't own guns and I don't hate anyone.. LEAVE US ALONE!

    "Never trust a computer too big to throw out a window" -Steve Wozniak

    by Four of Nine on Fri Nov 13, 2009 at 12:36:33 PM PST

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