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View Diary: Stupak: It's All the Liberals' Fault! (143 comments)

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    but seriously, are people using abortion like birth control?  Seems to me that an abortion is hopefully a once in a lifetime procedure, and it seems that insurance to cover that hopefully once in a lifetime procedure is just plain stupid.

    If you need an abortion, pay for it.  Do you get so many abortions that you need insurance?  Then you have problems larger than insurance for your abortions.

    I do whole heartedly support federal funding for abortions in the cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother, but not for birth control.

    I am about as left as anyone here, but seriously, puppets, you are being made to dance.

    I think that stupak is one of the biggest wastes of gravity I have ever laid eyes on, but he is still making all of you dance.

    Rahmbo's big tent strategy is about as sound as his counsel to Obama.  Rahm wanted a party of right wingers and he accomplished that goal.  I am a liberal, not a fucking progressive, and not a conservative.  A GODDAMNED LIBERAL.  Time to boot all the DLC asswipes (clinton, rahm, bayh, etc) who are nothing more than conservative lite.  I want more Graysons and Kucinich and less Landrieus, Stupaks, and Nelsons.

    Bill Clinton and Summers wanted what Gramm Leach Bliley was selling, and Summers made millions off of it.  the Clintons are republicans, plain and simple, yet the "moronoscenti" all wanted Hillary... Hillary the war monger, Hillary the Hawk, Hillary the only conservative candidate in 2008.  Hillary who voted for Bush's illegal war, Hillary whose racial baiting backfired on her. Hillary who would have chosen Evan Bayh as her running mate - a TRUE LIBERAL PLATFORM, huh?

    You cannot be a liberal and vote for Hillary, just like you cannot be a republican and a christian, they are mutually exclusive.  You are either on the side of the dude being crucified or you are on the side of Pontious Pilate.

    Stop letting the wolves into the barn.  States like ND, NE, ME, WY are useless, not to mention so freakin small that their 2 senators have outsized influence.  Sen Schumer is as important as Ben Nelson?  I bet that Schumer's district is larger than the entire state of Nebraska, but Nelson has far more power than Schumer in the senate.  Time to go nuclear and destroy the filibuster.

    Time for real liberals to start running on strengthening the HCR bill.  Just because it passes with some really idiotic language, does not mean it is permanent.  Elect REAL LIBERALS, and make the changes.  

    If this stupak abortion language sinks this bill then we as liberals have nothing to run on and nothing substantative to make changes to, and the damned republicans will be in power once again ...

    Stop letting these pissant social wedges getting in the way of doing something meaningful.  The repubs have been doing this to us for YEARS, and we have been falling for it.  Stop being so fucking single minded and look at the big picture for a change.  Stop being puppets over gay marriage (will never happen in this country within the next 20 years) and abortions.  these are issues that we have to run against every single damn election, you know why?  


    "Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals" Mark Twain

    by CaptainAsshole on Sun Nov 15, 2009 at 07:34:07 AM PST

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