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View Diary: Insurance Industry Expert Says Stupak Would Practically Mean No Abortion Coverage (202 comments)

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  •  I'm a local PP Board Member (4+ / 0-)

    The national PP Advocates (the non-deductible lobbying arm of PP) was on the potential of something like this coming to pass. We know that Rep. Pitts (the Neanderthal from Lancaster County) had an amendment but without a Dmocrat co-sponsor could not get it to the floor. So he enlisted Stupak to carry his water, creating  Stupak-Pitts or Stu-Pit Amendment.  

    PP and NARAL knew that abortion could kill healthcare reform and going back to last January had lobbied Congress, the administration, and Obama to see that the status quo was preserved. PP, NARAL, and the administration pushed hard to see that the language in the House bill preserved the Hyde Amendment but did not expand it or shrink it; there was a gentleman's agreement within the party  to keep abortion out of the discussion. That was embodied in the Capps Amendment, which segregated funds. It's similar to what PP clinics must do already in keeping funding and facilities for abortion separate from family planning services, and which the Catholic Church does all the time  in separating their Catholic Charities services funding from church funding (cynics believe they don't, and neither do I, but the church claims it does and no one audits their books, not even the IRS). And the Capps Amendment would have required the same kind of separation of monies. But the anti-abortion zealots would have none of it. Pitts got Stupak to do his dirty work. Last Friday night and Saturday Stupak claimed to have enough Democratic votes to kill the entire bill and threatened to do so if he didn't get the chance to offer his amendment. No one is sure that he did, but the threat was too close for comfort to Pelosi so she caved. I don't know, but I suspect she is working on plans to scuttle the Stupak Amendment in conference. but will only be able to do that if the Senate bill includes no similar provision.

    Thus the big worry right now is that Senators Casey and Nelson have been reported to be weighing a Senate clone of the Stupak Amendment for the Senate bill. If it were to happen, I can guarantee that the entire bill will go down to defeat. Those of us from Pennsylvania (that's my home) are currently working on Senator Casey. He's not publicly indicated his intentions and has taken public positions that don't reveal his hand one way or the other. But he's been put on notice that come next election, if he pushes a Stupak-like Amendment, he can count on a primary challenge and, should he win the primary, no support in the general election. He needs to fully understand that he wasn't elected by the Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania in 2006, but by people who opposed all that Santorum stood for, including sticking the government's nose in the panties of American women

    Wherever one lives, keep up the pressure on your Senators. The Senate needs all the guidance we can offer.

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      when it came to a vote last Saturday, choice took second place for a large number of representatives, including those loudly expressing opposition to the bill's language.

      Send your college kid a little love

      by graybeard on Sat Nov 14, 2009 at 10:29:13 PM PST

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