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View Diary: Insurance Industry Expert Says Stupak Would Practically Mean No Abortion Coverage (202 comments)

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    I was pointing out that even if the cataclysmic event of no coverage were to occur (which I am very skeptical would be the case) then that would create a market perfect for at least one health insurance company to move in and seize a national market.

    But yes I agree with you that riders make a ton of sense and I would think they would be priced between $15-$30 per year as that would pay for the basic first-trimester procedure assuming no negotiated discount and 50% inflation for overhead.

    Further I find the "proof" that an abortion rider wouldn't exist based on the experiences of five states to be highly dubious.  Those five states make up less than 16-million people (8m women, maybe 4m of the right age for abortion to be an issue).  However, you cannot create one rider to service all 4m people, instead you need 5 different riders to match each state's insurance regulations.  Now considering that each of these states are disposed towards pro-life policies you can see how quickly the best possible market of 4m customers shrinks to a very small market (in ND that market may be under 100,000 possible customers).  Now with a national exchange you have one set of regulations and one rider can instantly be purchased by 150m women (approximately 75m of whom may be of the right age to consider an abortion rider).  That is a huge fucking market -- and I cannot envision at least one company wanting to capture that market -- hell just being able to capture the California market would be a boon for that company, much less a national market 7 times bigger).

    So yes, there will be riders available.  The intellectual exercise required to get to a point where they wouldn't exist is bereft with false data and bad assumptions.

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