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  •  It all boils down to... (none)
    The reason Bush has gotten away with all this crap is that he has been protected by Congress.  If the dems controlled either house then we would see commissions and special prosecutors assigned to investigate every one of these lies.  That is when it crosses over from a single (page 15) headline to a full-blown scandal.  At least three or four of them would escalate to the Iran-Contra level and if we are lucky there is a Watergate-sized scandal also.

    The rules are clear.  The few reality-based GOPers (McCain, Hagel...) are allowed to criticize but they can't take action.  (For example, as much at they rail on Rummy, they won't call for a resignation.)  Loyalty prevents them from taking any real action.  But if we can take either house from them in '06, we can use Bush's past actions to bring this administration to it's knees.

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